About Us

The daily work at the Tübingen University of Sacred Music revolves around the endeavour towards excellence in the musical/practical and theological/liturgical fields of study. The specific orientation of the University of Sacred Music is reflected, among other things, in strong networks with other training institutions and partners, such as:

  • the Rottenburg University of Catholic Sacred Music, with whom an ecumenical teaching cooperation, which is unique nationwide,  has been cultivated since 1998
  • the Tübingen Protestant Collegiate and the Protestant Theological Faculty of the University of Tübingen with a joint “Worship Forum” for prospective Church musicians and pastors.
  • the Heidelberg University of Protestant Sacred Music, with joint classes and teaching staff exchange.
  • the „Association of Protestant Sacred Music in Württemberg”,  with joint courses and workshops
  • the musikplus Centre and the Brass Ensemble Facility of the Protestant Youth Organisation of the Church of Württemberg, with guest courses and imported teachers.
  • in the strong integration of the specialist field of Popular Sacred Music. In our ongoing course development we plan to embed this area more firmly in the currricula, (especially in the vocal area), and to expand our Popular  Music Major Programmes.  
  • in the practice-oriented inclusion of pedagogical fields like „Musical Work with Children and Young People“, which are becoming ever more important.
  • in cross-linking of the individual course subjects.  
  • by placing high regard on „closeness to the concerns of the congregation and the parish“ in the curricula (for example in subjects like Congregational Singing, Liturgical Singing and Brass Ensemble Work)  
  • in the  individual support, which our students experience through an unusually high student/teacher ratio.  
  • in the consciously imparted Protestant imprint of our students, particularly through the high teaching quality in the theological subjects and a worship culture at the University.